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Article about “Color of Trans” in Ananda Vikatan

“Color of Trans”, Panmai’s debut, devising play got beautiful review in Tamil’s leading Magazine Ananda Vikatan. Thanks to Vikatan groups and writer Ree.Siva Kumar.

So for, the reviews were mentioned about actors effort, story, lights everything., But, This one also mentioned about our short Audio Visuals titiled “Konjam Nadikkathinga Boss”, “Suicide rates in Trans Community”, “When a woman become 100%  Woman”  that We used in the play.

All three Audio Visual added more value to our play which is not at all possible without our Cinematographer Manish Murthy (Cinematographer of upcoming Movie “Daissy”), Arun Mily (Cinematographer) who did beautiful Editing works for the visuals who also added the punk flavor to the play by the title credits. Music composer and Actor Harish Surendar who helped us with music.

“Konjam Nadikkathinga Boss” Wouldn’t have happened without Actor Mime Gopi and his students “Porali” Prabakar, Madhan Kumar, Dinesh, Sugesh, Nagendra Pandiyan.

Last but not least our sincere thanks to Director Leena Manimekalai, Director Pa.Ranjith, Grace Banu, Prithika, Malini Jeeva Rathnam and Actor Soma Sundaram who were contributed in the Audio Visuals and to the whole play.

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Panmai Presents “Color of Trans”


“Panmai” is a theatre group formed by transpeople Living Smile Vidya (author of “I am Vidya”, Charles Wallace fellow and Alumni of LISPA – London International School of Performing Arts), Angel Glady (Cine actor, Performer with Tuida Theatre group, South Korea), and Gee Imman Semmalar (Trans-activist and RJ in Queer FM, Radiowala). “Panmai” would be the first Trans-artist movement in Tamil Nadu expecting to focus on art forms such as theatre, dance, painting, photography and films.

“Color of Trans” is our debut theatre production devised by Living Smile Vidya, Angel Glady and Vinodhini Vaidynathan (a cis-woman, actor for film and stage, and Theatre maker with extensive experience in theatre, working with Koothuppattarai and various trainers from India and abroad).



The team of three have pooled in their experiences of working in Physical movement, Clown Theatre etc., to devise this multilingual play “Color of Trans”. Stories about transgenders and the nuances in their lives were discussed at length and from this process emerged 7 episodes of a Trans-experience. The Script and direction were done by all three performers, constructing upon and evolving new ideas each time. Hence, the final piece uses different theatrical elements such as movement, clown theatre, cabaret, rap, audio-visuals, etc.

“Panmai” is an independent theatre group with no affiliations, and our debut production is to be fully crowd funded, to bear the cost of lights, sound, projector/screen, music, sets/props, costumes etc., that a play of this scale demands. Patrons of theatre and art lovers may come forward to support us in any form.

Thank you.


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